“I always had the feeling that beyond the sheer pleasure principle, the job of music was to express to people that they were not alone; that someone else had felt this, or was searching for an explanation to this. I still feel that, of all the arts, it is the most visceral, has the most direct access to the emotional bloodstream.” (Sir Simon Rattle)

This has been our motto ever since the choir was founded. Every member of BelCanto makes his very own contribution to the choir, depending on his capabilities. Each singer can and will develop and is encouraged to do so with the support of the other members of the choir. Singing in a choir is more to us than just using one’s voice, we also express ourselves when singing by gestures and body language. By observing one another carefully, we pay attention to how the listener will receive our performance, and what the message is we put across. A while ago we noticed how singing by heart was helping us to even more intensify our music making, making our performances (and rehearsals!) more immediate and flexible to changes.

Often new ideas for concert programming will evolve within the choir, say, over a beer in the pub or maybe after a successful concert. We tend to “play” music, bringing together unaccompanied choir music with instrumental music or text recitals, often to make the things we sing more accessible. Thus we needn’t compromise in our programming, and still deliver performances where everyone in the audience will find something (s)he will be able to relate to. What ever the case may be: we always enjoy ourselves!