About us

The BelCanto Kammerchor München was founded in 1975 by Markus Wolf, who lead the choir until 1998. Then Tanja Wawra took over and was the choir’s dedicated and much loved leader until 2010. From 2011 to 2017 the choir was conducted by Andreas Stadler. As of January 2018, Felix Meybier is the new conductor of the choir.

Ever since the beginnings, the choir was open to new ideas and is known and loved for its evocative performances, often concerning a particular topic, such as “the country” or “Shakespeare’s plays”. Although always striving for higher standards, the choir never lost touch with its roots as a group of enthusiastic singers, unspoilt by the constraints and routine dulling the life of many professional musicians. Weekly rehearsals (Thursday night is choir night) are supplemented by weekends of intense training and a voice coach giving one-to-one singing tuition. The choir often cooperates with professional artists of varied backgrounds such as actors, percussionists, and even a bard! Thus BelCanto has a dedicated following, and regularly receives invitations. The Choir has been invited as guest choir to perform at the celebratory concert of the Madrigalchor of the Musikhochschule München, the Schwäbischer Kultursommer and the Choir festival at Lier in Belgium. Further projects include recording sessions with the Bayerischer Rundfunk. This mixture of enthusiasm, high standards and hard work found its most distinct recognition when the choir won first prize in the Bavarian Choir Contest in 2005. Consequently BelCanto took part in the national Choir Contest a year later and was well received there, certified as having taken part “with good success”.

Obviously the choir’s repertoire reflects the openness and varied interests of its members and subsequently ranges from the Renaissance to contemporary music.